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 What's New in the Premium Shop?

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BeitragThema: What's New in the Premium Shop?   Fr Jan 18, 2008 3:16 pm

What's New in the Premium Shop?
January 18,2008

The SProtect Bundle and Amplification Bundle bonuses have been changed! There are now some new, cool things that come along with the bundles that every one loves!

The Sprotect Bundle now comes with a Lawolf Box and the Amplification Bundle now comes with a Mask Box!

Lawolf Box

Baby Lawolf
No Disguise
Giant Lawolf Trans
Baby Lawolf Trans
Twister Cracker
Rocket Cracker
Pet Box(Baby Lawolf)

Mask Box

Ball Mask 09
Fucat Mask
Bluenine Mask
Fortrin Mask
Carnival Mask
Bluebird Mask
Medicine of Strong STR
Medicine of Strong DEX
Medicine of Strong INT
Medicine of Strong STA
Scroll of Custody
Scroll of Velocity
Scroll of Blessing
Scroll of SProtect

Please remember that, as always, there is no guarantee that you'll get any particular item from these boxes.

Happy Flyffing!


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What's New in the Premium Shop?
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