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 Unique Weapon Exchange!

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BeitragThema: Unique Weapon Exchange!   Sa Jan 12, 2008 3:13 pm

Unique Weapon Exchange!

Starting on Wednesday and going on until Friday, you will be able to create Unique weapons with a 100% success rate. GMs will be coming on each server everyday on Wednesday to Friday to do a large exchange of weapon, jewelery, Shining Oricalkum and quest items in exchange for a Unique weapon.

Event Details:

Players will be able (for a limited time) to create a green weapon with a 100% success rate by doing a massive turn-in of items. GMs will be present on the server at different times during the day to take their items and trade them in for the weapon that is equivalent to the weapon that they gave them. In example, a level 64 one-handed sword would give you a Guardian Sword, and a level 90 stick would give you an Angel Stick. Demian users will get 20% off of required items.

Guardian Weapons (level 60):
1 weapon level 64+
5 Shining Oricalkum
5 Topaz
300 Quest items (from Driller and on)

Historic Weapons (level 75):
1 weapon level 75+
5 Shining Oricalkum
5 Ruby
350 quest items (from Greemongs and on)

Angel Weapons (level 90):
1 weapon level 90+
5 Shining Oricalkum
5 Sapphire
350 quest items (from Watangkas on)

Legendary Golden Weapons (level 105):
1 weapon level 100+ (note: there are no 105 weapons)
5 Shining Oricalkum
5 Emeralds
500 Quest items (From Kerns on)

Bloody Weapons (level 120):
1 120 weapon
5 Shining Oricalkum
5 Diamonds
1000 Quest items (From Chimeradons on)

The turn-in times will be posted on the events page in the upcoming days.

Happy Flyffing!


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Unique Weapon Exchange!
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