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 What's New This Week?

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BeitragThema: What's New This Week?   Fr Dez 14, 2007 2:53 pm

What's New This Week?

Attention Flyffers!

Flyff Version 10 is going live! After tonight's maintenance you will be able to become a Master of your Job Class, enter the Volcane Dungeon, face off against some of the fiercest enemies that Flyff has ever seen, and march proudly as a Hero!

Version 10 trailer here. Check it out!


There is a new Amplification Scroll bundle! This bundle comes with 23 Scroll of Amplification ES (S) and a Special Cloak Box.

Check out what you can get in the Special Cloak Box!

Item You Can Receive Amount.
Cloak of Low Strong 1
Cloak of Low Accord 1
Cloak of Low Quick 1
Cloak of Low Wisdom 1
Scroll of SProtect 2
Medicine of Strong STR 3
Medicine of Strong DEX 3
Medicine of Strong INT 3
Medicine of Strong STA 3
Scroll of Custody 3
Scroll of Velocity 3
Scroll of Blessing 3

Note: The chances of getting any of the items listed above is random.

Click here to get yours!

Happy Flyffing!


... watch out! my turtle is hungry
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What's New This Week?
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