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 Extendend Promotion & New Amplification Scrolls

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BeitragThema: Extendend Promotion & New Amplification Scrolls   Sa Dez 01, 2007 6:46 am

Extended Promotion!

Attention Flyffers!

Many of you have been experiencing problems with our new Direct Credit Card Payment options. To make up for the problems we will be extending the promotional gPotato rate for direct Credit Card Payment to December 31, 2007. We aplogize for the inconvienence and thank you for your patience.

Happy Flyffing!

New Amplification Scrolls

Attention Flyffers!

There is a new Amplification Scroll available in the Premium Shop. This scroll will be replacing the previous Scrolls of Amplification in the Premium Shop.

Here's what the new scrolls do:

1.) They provide 1.5x Experience for the first scroll and an additional .5x for each scroll stacked for a maximum of 2.5x Experience. (These scrolls are stackable up to three times.)
2.) They can be used by characters of any level.

Click here to get yours.

The Caster Medicine package has been adjusted and has been moved (along with the Melee Medicine Package) to the Package Items section of the Premium Shop.

Happy Flyffing!

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Extendend Promotion & New Amplification Scrolls
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