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 What's New This Week?

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BeitragThema: What's New This Week?   Do Nov 29, 2007 3:25 pm

Attention Flyffers!

New to the Premium Shop this week is the Pony Tail hair and the Bomb hair! Check 'em out, put 'em on, and show 'em off!

There have been some ingame changes made:

1.) The tool tip position on Ultimate Weapons has been changed
2.) There will no longer be a PK penalty during Guild Sieges.
3.) A bug with the Assist Skill, Prevention, has been fixed.
4.) The Text for the 1st Job change has been fixed.

Happy Flyffing!

P.S. The winners of the Ultimate Weapon give away have been chosen so please check your registered email accounts. We will announce the winners publicly once everyone claims their prizes!

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What's New This Week?
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