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BeitragThema: v10???   Mi Nov 28, 2007 10:54 pm

anyone checked it out? the Server says FULLLLLLLLL
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BeitragThema: Re: v10???   Do Nov 29, 2007 9:42 am

Yap, iam lvl 60 BP now :3
Took me 2 Days^^
Its funny to get 8% each mop without a partner in an ADV xD
But there are some 99+ PPL now and Xagel toled he will give every 1 who gets 120, a +10 set with an Ultimate Bloddy Weapon

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BeitragThema: Re: v10???   Do Nov 29, 2007 11:27 pm

iam also Assist going to BP, current lvl 44, but server is FULLLLLL No
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BeitragThema: Re: v10???   Sa Dez 01, 2007 7:03 am

i dont check it... it would take me too much time to test it^^

my reaktion on the v10minisite - my post in the offical forum:
Suppenberg aka kasalla schrieb:
Ringmaster view on v10
i have an RM who has all Buffs mastered(from the old skillsystem(pxp)).
now u cant get all mastered as Rm. A v7/9 rm has 700skillpoints on lvl 120. to max all assist and rm skills u would need 872.

assist 17x 2x20lvl = 680
RM 6x 3x10lvl + 1x 3x1lvl +1x 3x3lvl= 180+3+9 =192
assist+rm = 872
(as rm u dont really need the fighting skills and circleheal and stonehand so -5x2x20= -200 and the rest can be mastered atlvl120 )

when i would start the masterquest "Your character will have skill points appropriate to your level". so i never would get all my masterbuffs back, right?
(so in a way that sucks^^xD)
i dont think that any oldversionRM would be happy with it.
what s up with the Masterskill u would gain... do u have to spend skillpoints on it?
wouldn t it a be a great idea to the masterquest to get all skills master when u reach that lvl for the skill. the masterquest then would master all ur skills at the lvl u get the skills.

the rm masterskill "Special Bless of Wise man" "Provides a chance to remove debuffs and abnormal conditions from a party for 3 seconds".
what does this mean..for 3 seconds? if u debuff someone with it he/she would only debuffed for 3seconds after that buff(maybe sneaker) is there again?? thats no real debuff isnt it? or doesnt the 3sec mean the effect of the skill?
how do u buff "Special Bless of Wise man" to u party member? is it like a party skill and effcts all party member on the server?or like healrain..?
what are debuffs? i only know skill named Gvur Tialla which should "remove(s) de-buffs from a target" and i dont found any funktion of it in game. i hope "Special Bless of Wise man" wouldnt be the same in party.
some say Gcur Tialla a bug...really?
if "Special Bless of Wise man" will work like it should be (xD) its would be a wounderful skill for pvp. a rm will gain a great skill for pvp and flyff' s pvp will gain more variety.

what does the RM heroskill "return" do? "Teleport to the nearest town"
does it be a selfbuff? is it the same like a townblinkwing...? if it would be Omg. do u can also teleport an traget to the town?
it would be nice if the skill would be like a friendship A and B.
if the gameeditor thinks an a rm would never become hero so we dont really need a good rm heroskill pls make no hero skill for rms or change it.
a skill which has the same funktion like a townblinkwing only teleports urself to the next town is the bigges nonsense ever.

i did not read all the previous posts only the first pages but i hope my post will be readed.hope to get some answer maybe in the topic -->

"V10 - Some things to consider (Also an FAQ)"

would u bring ur rm to hero lvl and by the way lose all masterbuffs?...
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BeitragThema: Re: v10???   

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